Online shopping apps in Rwanda

Online shopping apps in Rwanda

Flip Rwanda is one of the online shopping apps in Rwanda. We aspire to offer you more quality, variety and a timely service to what you are in need of.

Flip as an online shopping site in Rwanda

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Benefits of shopping online

The more we progress to be a technology hub, the more we become a center of ease and transparency. The benefits of shopping online can be anything from what is available in the internet or a clear benefit to you and me.

Having Flip as one of the online shopping sites in rwanda gives you the following benefits:

  • More Variety
  • Affordable prices
  • Timely service
  • Customer service that you are proud of

More Variety comes with a continuous effort to always provide our customers with all available options to a product they desire or deserve.

Affordable prices are constantly achieved for you by pegging the availability of the product to its utility by the customer.

Timely service and a good customer relationship is all we aspire to give you. Feel free to order with us and any of our partners.

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